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Ross VerHeulPhD Candidate

Thanks for visiting my website, where I highlight a sample my research interests and endeavors. I’m a highly inquisitive PhD candidate, specialized in chemistry/chemical biology within the Purdue University Interdisciplinary Life Science program & Department of Chemistry. My motivation arises from an innate desire to identify and solve meaningful problems – especially those pertaining to diagnostics and therapeutics in health and disease. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy mentoring and collaborating with a wide range of individuals, spanning many disciplines, in order to facilitate the exchange and enhancement of knowledge.

I expect to complete my PhD work in March of 2017 and am seeking postdoc/full-time employment opportunities in R&D. To contact me or receive more information, please refer to my contact details. Thanks, again, for visiting my research website!

Research Expertise – Microfluidics, Nanoparticles, Materials Science

My graduate research has been guided by the mentorship of Prof. David H. Thompson (Department of Chemistry), located in the Bindley Bioscience Center of Purdue University’s Discovery Park. The scope of my overall research interests stems from a desire to address meaningful scientific problems by assimilating previously unlinked ideas and technologies from various disciplines. More specifically, my current research includes:

• Developing novel polymer-based carriers for nucleic acid/drug delivery
• Utilizing continuous and segmented flow microfluidics to design new methods to rationally control nanoparticle assembly and properties
• Engineering new strategies and devices to facilitate sample preparation in electron microscopy for single particle reconstruction
• Exploring alternative approaches to improve protein crystallization successes

Further information can be found on my research page and publications list.